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      Online customer service
      Customer service hotline
      +86 13838293687
      Customer service team:
      Online customer service
      Service time:
      7:30 - 19:00


      Welding equipment
      Cutting equipment
      Welding robot
      Inverter Arc welder 

      Communication power


      Phone: +86(0371)62267123; +86 13838293687
      Address: Building 46, Zhongxing Xinyegang, Hanghai East Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.



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      Wind tower production
      Tanker production line

      Chemical pressure vessel
      Surfacing remanufactur
      Coating Production line


      ZT series self-aligning welding turning rolls

      ZT series 5-1200Ton self-aligning welding rotator

      Yueda brand welding rotating worktable

      Yueda brand Welding Horizontal Turntable

      Yueda brand welding column boom

      Yueda brand pipe valve surfacing welding machine

      Yueda brand automatic rotating welding positioner

      PLC control Lathe type automatic girth welder

      Yueda 6 axis industrial welding robot station

      6 axis welding robot arm

      Multifunctional irregular pipe cutting machine

      CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

      CNC control round pipe intersecting-line cutting machine

      65A 100A 120A 200A Digital Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine

      Wind power tower production line

      Telecommunication & Electricity Tower pole production line

      Tanker production line

      Pipe inner longitudinal seam welding machine

      Chemical pressure vessel production line

      ABOUT US

      Zhengzhou Yueda Technology Equipment Co.,Ltd (former name is Zhengzhou Yueda Automatic Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd) which is located in Zhengzhou city, Henan province. As a high-tech enterprise with 20 years' history and  specializing in the design and manufacture of automatic welding&cutting equipment. Our company is committed to provide clients at home and abroad with one- stop automatic welding and cutting solutions.Welcome your inquiry and visit!


      Yueda Technology 2019 Annual Meeting
      Yueda Technology 2019 Annual Meeting
      Yueda Technology 2019 annual meeting 
      Yueda new office put into use
      Yueda Technology new office put into use!Welcome your visit! 
      Local goverment leader visit Yueda new factory
      Govenment leader visit Yueda new factory in Baofeng county 
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